Fees For individuals
Account opening Free
Account opening (within 1 working day) Free
Additional account opening Free
Monthly maintenance Free
Monthly maintenance for dormant accounts with no activity within 12 months €25
Closing of an account Free
Connection to Internet Banking Free
Change of access to Internet Banking Free
Unblocking of access to Internet Banking (if blocked by user) Free
Account statement for period within current calendar year confirmed by FairPlay Pay s.r.o. €20
Account statement after closing account confirmed by FairPlay Pay s.r.o. €100
Reference letter €100 (excl. VAT)
Copies of payment documents (payments orders, SWIFT, etc.) €20 per document (excl. VAT)
Transactions between customer’s accounts with FairPlay Pay Free
Transactions between customers of FairPlay Pay Free
Outgoing SEPA payments (up to €10 000) 0,5% (min €1 max €300)
Outgoing SEPA payments (over €10 000) 1,5% (max €300)
Incoming card payments to e-money accounts 4% + €0.2
Correction / cancellation / investigation of payment €80 + additional expenses